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Professional Focus

Professional Development


Implementing Change

Unity at Work


Conflict Resolution


Leadership Development

Making Job/Career Changes


Crisis & Burnout Prevention

Work Satisfaction


Restoration of Vision


4th Dimensional 




Personal Focus

Personal Growth


Competent & Caring Guidance

Defining & Redefining Life Goals


Processing Developmental Life Stages

Self Care


Serving Others


“Idea Storming”

Clarity/Resolution of Life Struggles


Small-Group Work


4th Dimensional Relationship



Obstacle Focus

Resolving Obstacles


Post Addiction Recovery Work


Stress Resolution

Breaking Out Of Difficult Situations

Emotional & Spiritual Growth


Relationship Growth


Processing Crisis

Family of Origin Issues


Living Beyond Depression/Anxiety


Integrating Family & Work

Parenting With Success


Resilience Building


Small Group work


4th Dimension Living


Teaching & Speaking

Growth Focus

Day & Evening Training/Speaking


Weekend Retreats

Staff Growth & Development


Guest Lecturing

Processing Groups


Leadership Development

Intensive Teaching Intensive (Half & Whole Days)


4th Dimensional Living