Humility: Characteristics for A Healthy Relationship

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Characteristics For A Healthy Relationship:


Among the many characteristics that grow a healthy relationship, five markers stand out as foundationally significant. This blog speaks about humility. Next week’s blog is about equality.

Humility is a lack of inappropriate pride and a lack of vanity. Humility opens us up to participate in something bigger than our own egos. It reveals the true self.

Humility develops naturally when we face that we are all made from the same material, “dust of the earth.” It may be God’s stardust, but it is still dust. We are works in progress, who are always arriving. Not one of is perfect this side of heaven.

So humility dismantles the walls that keep us separated because we face that we are all created the same.

Perhaps the greatest gifts it can instill in us are empathy and compassion. If we personally know the experiences of laughter and tears, we can care about the hopes, fears, joys and pains of others. If we know our own foibles and hopes, we can offer others care and genuine understanding.

We are all subject to the same foibles, losses, laughter, tears, and struggles as everyone else. With that said, we all need each other because no one can succeed in life alone. Humility allows us to need others, and others to need us, and all of us to need God.