Quotients of Love

Love has in it all of the struggle, passion, beauty, and truth that life has to offer. The willingness to stay in it and find its gifts requires great courage. The courage of expressing joy and the courage of expressing tears. The courage of expressing resilience and the courage of expressing heartache. We can express this courage in four central ways. The first is delight.

Love delights in the presence of the other: We risk expressing the joy of someone’s presence. We can say things like, “I’m so glad you are here.” “I have missed you.” “I have looked so forward to this day.” “I could hardly wait until I got to see you again.” “I am with you.” “I pray for you.” We can express it with a smile, a “Good morning,” a brief touch, a look into the other’s eyes, and a “Good night, sleep well.” We can also express it with acts of kindness, encouragement, and gratitude. Delight blesses because we all hunger to feel chosen and significant. It encourages

and helps create security in the other person.