Quotients of Love: Curiosity

We can express love in four fundamental ways. Last week’s blog was about delight as the first quotient of love. This week’s blog is about the second quotient, curiosity. Love has in it all of the struggle, passion, beauty, and truth that life has to offer. The willingness to stay in it and find its gifts requires great courage. The courage of expressing joy and the courage of expressing tears. The courage of expressing resilience and the courage of expressing heartache.

Love seeks the other person’s heart: It expresses the desire to know the other person’s story, their hopes and dreams, their joys and heartaches. Curiosity is the willingness to step into the other person’s life. We all hunger to be known and valued for who we are. Curiosity moves us towards knowing the other person’s heart, the place out of which the storehouse of who we really are resides. It increases the other’s courage to dream and pursue one’s own desires because someone loving wants their good.