Recovery A-Z

Life is hard. Love hurts. Life humbles us, and love brings pain.

Anyone I have known who lives well amidst the difficulties of life, has been humbled by life. These people have gained wisdom through their humility.

Anyone I have known who loves deeply amidst the wounds of love, has been brokenhearted. These people have gained courage through their heartbreak.

Life and love will humble us and break us. The difficulty and pain give us opportunity to fight for recovery of heart.

I have seen these people who get recovery admit powerlessness over life, surrender to their need of God and others, and accept God’s care in ways that have made them wiser and stronger than they were before.

Listed below are some of the experiences of the people who have been transformed through their brokenness into living fully and loving deeply in recovery:

Amazing grace saves us

Blessings we receive without merit

Care of God gives us trust and faith

Discipline of surrender deepens recovery

Excellence expands as the false self fades

Failure is rarely final

Gratitude is an attitude of remembering

Hopelessness in recovery is impossible

Integrity matters more than appearances

Joy comes with sadness

Keeping heart requires God and others

Learning to live takes a lifetime

Mastery of life is impossible

Neediness is God’s currency

Opportunity calls us to risk our hearts

Passion trumps happiness

Questions of the heart give answers for living

Restoration of our lives is God’s desire

Serenity is birthed in brokenness

Trusting the results to God grows serenity

Understanding life with our hearts heals us

Valuing others is valuing my self

Worth is God-given; no one can take it

X marks the spot of treasure: heart

Yearning for life is endless

Zero in on living fully, loving deeply, leading well