Respect for Differences: Characteristics for A Healthy Relationship

In a healthy relationship, we accept that closeness is not always created through sameness.

Sameness does give needed comfort but doesn’t necessarily refresh the relationship.

Our approaches to life situations and our different ideas are the materials that produce newness and adventure in the crucible of a relationship. They allow us to learn new things and receive gifts that grow us. Beautiful quilts are made of many different kinds of patches sewn together to make a whole. Staying open to others’ gifts, ideas, interests, and approaches can grow two people. But it starts with our openness to other ways of experiencing life. Some people love the mountains. Some people love the ocean. Some people love camping out; others love being near porcelain. We can gain from both. A wise person once said that love is an interest in the interests of another. We can allow ourselves to let go of control and experience others’ interests. It encourages others’ gifts and opens up new vistas of possibilities. It renews and refreshes.

Blog Series: Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

1. Humility

2. Equality

3. Respect for Differences

4. Self Focus

5. Living the Process