Throughout my career, I have striven to help people see who they are made to be, so they can do what they are made to do.


These resources contained on this page are designed to bring you clarity and understanding. They reinforce the content of my writings, teachings, and counseling. I give permission to individuals to use these resources for school, church, personal, educational or for use in therapy. No other reproduction of these materials is permissible.

Resources for

The Voice of the Heart 

Welcome Message from Chip

These resources are designed to help you learn and apply the principles included in The Voice of the Heart.

The Voice of the Heart Companion Study (PDF)

The Voice of the Heart explores what it means to live a full life and focuses on the eight basic feelings that we experience as we pursue a full life. This chapter-by-chapter companion study was written to bring clarity and understanding to The Voice of the Heart.  

Supplemental Resources

8 Feelings full-page printable (PDF)

8 Feelings cards - 10 to a page (PDF)

The Gift of Feelings full-page printable (PDF)

My Prayer for You (PDF)

Phrases to Express the Feelings (PDF)

Living a Full Life Means ... (PDF)

Video Resources

We've edited and curated 18 introductory videos to accompany the companion study into a YouTube playlist.

Watch them here.

The Boy & The Ogre

Introduction from Chip

A life of living fully awaits us when we take the risk of listening to how God created us to feel, to need, and to connect with others who do the same. This story is about a "well meaning" caretaker who protects the boy by teaching him not to trust what he sees, not to trust what he feels, and not to speak what is inside of him. Even though the boy tries to be "good," the rules and script of the caretaker are actually keeping him from the life that God created. Join the boy and follow his story of freedom.

Supplemental Resources

These resources are designed to help you dive deeper into The Child & The Ogre

Guide for Parents (PDF)

Guide for Teachers (PDF)

Guide for Small Groups (PDF)

Guide for Individuals (PDF)

Deeper Dive into The Boy & The Ogre (PDF) contains highlighted sections with notes from Chip

Audio Resource

The Boy & The Ogre from Chip's How to Live podcast 29:58


The Boy & The Ogre - with line numbers (PDF) 

Video Resources

Intro/Welcome Video from Chip (MP4) 0:40

Intro Video for Therapists and Counselors (MP4) 3:14

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