Chip Dodd, PHD


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     My own recovery motivated me to dedicate my life to helping others move into the lives they were made to have. For over 30 years, I have gotten to pour my heart, experience, and education into serving others.   


     I spent most of those years working with professionals in a treatment setting.  In 2019 I began working full-time with individuals for the purpose of advancing wellness. Appointments are available for consulting, mentoring, and counseling.  I continue to educate and inspire through teaching and speaking.

     I have guided thousands of professionals from all walks of life and their families across the “Badlands” of addiction, stress illnesses, and burnout to the lives they were created to have. For 23 years, I was the Executive Director of the Center for Professional Excellence (CPE), which I founded in 1996. CPE was a powerfully effective treatment center that helped thousands of people get recovery of their hearts. Those people, in turn, have helped tens of thousands do the same.

     In 2003, I founded Sage Hill: A Social Impact Organization, dedicated to helping people see who they are made to be, so they can do what they are made to do. Sage Hill offered what people were receiving at CPE to people who didn’t need to go through extended treatment.

     Both the Center for Professional Excellence and Sage Hill have their foundations built on the Spiritual Root System (1991), a simple and effective way of seeing how we are made, and integrating how we are made into the lives we desire. The Spiritual Root System’s starting point states that we are created as emotional and spiritual creatures, created to live fully through relationship with ourselves, others, and God.

     I wrote The Voice of the Heart in 2001, which speaks to the importance of feelings as tools and gifts. This seminal work continues to impact people’s lives all over the world. Each successive book, The Perfect Loss, Needs of the Heart, Keeping Heart, Anthem to the Invisible, and Parenting with Heart speaks to our desire to live a full life, love others well, and lead lives that benefit others.

     I received my PhD in Counseling from the University of North Texas in 1990 and my MA in English from the University of Mississippi in 1985. While in Texas I co-founded Bent Tree Counseling Center in Dallas. I served as the Clinical Director there until moving to Tennessee to continue work with professionals and their families.

     Sonya and I got married in 1983; she was my high school sweetheart.  We have two grown sons and currently live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, our hometown.